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Being Pushy Is Destroying Mobile Shopper Trust

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review (login required) points out the potential dangers of push notifications. We should also note that is not practicing what they preach by asking to use the location data of their readers (great of HBR, but of no use to their readers).


New Technology Makes Mobile Shopper Marketing Easier, More Powerful

About this time last year, Apple somewhat quietly launched Passbook, a built-in iOS app that provided a convenient way for iPhone owners to collect and store everything from coupons to event tickets to airline boarding passes


Why Shopper Marketing can lead the way for CPGs

An article about Warren Buffet’s purchase of Heinz brought up a number of hopes and concerns. While a Buffett deal usually indicates long-term value, that is seldom the case in a private equity firm's goals.


Mobile Shopper Marketing is the New Black

While many brands and retailers have been adding mobile to their existing marketing mix, 2013 may be the year of using the full power of mobile engagement.


Is your Shopper Marketing profitable?

A recent article by Engage Consultants implied that seventy percent of money spent on promotions is wasted because too many shopper marketers do not market very well. Not only is that a harsh statement, it is very alarming to those in shopper marketing.


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