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Mobile Coupons Coming Soon

According to the recent report from NCH Marketing, despite improvements in consumer confidence and unemployment in 2012, consumers’ use of coupons remains strong. An August 2012 consumer survey found that 79.8% of consumers regularly use CPG coupons.


Mobile gets in on March Madness

Over the last 10 years, March Madness has brought in over $5 billion in television advertising revenue. It is the second most watched set of games behind the NFL Playoffs, thereby making the ad spots the second most expensive spots in sports.


Social Media and the Super Bowl

Recently, Ad Age posted a compelling article titled Is Social Media Spoiling the Super Bowl Ad Surprise? On the one side, does the cost of creating ads justify early reveals on social media sites to broaden the reach, thereby ending the surprise reveal for which the Super Bowl ads have become renowned?


Big Data: Market Trend for 2013

Recently, RGI was asked their opinion on top trends in the industry that will be crucial in 2013. One of the market trends we feel will be extremely important is the idea of Big Data. Big Data is data used to drive better/smarter decisions and create insights with improved analytics by recognizing human patterns in numbers to improve customer experiences.


Mobile gives retail another holiday smack down

In 2011, post holiday data revealed that brick and mortar retail lost a full 5% of their sales to people who bought an item or similar item on their smartphone while in the retail store. This created a great opportunity for retail to engage their mobile shoppers.


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