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Impactful Trade Show Booths

6 Tips for Designing More Impactful Trade Show Booths Most of us know how important first impressions are. We like to think that we don’t judge a book by its cover or a person by what they are wearing or how they appear, [...]

Free Fruit for Kids

Kroger Offers Fresh Fruit to Children in Select Stores In June, Kroger’s Southwest division asked RGI to help design and produce fruit bins to test in their stores. The bins were designed to a child’s height and [...]


When Hurricane Harvey struck Southeast Texas near the end of August, it was one of the strongest storms to ever strike the US, causing devastating destruction and record-setting rainfall. Houston was one of the cities [...]

Digital Disruption of Grocery

While driverless vehicles and delivery drones get the buzz in today's headlines, the digitally engaged food shopper is the thing that will directly affect our behavior more than drones and bot-driven cars in the coming [...]

RGI Imagines an FCC Refresh

At RGI, we are passionate FC Cincinnati fans. We believe that FCC is destined for great things, including eventual acceptance into the MLS. We are also a group of dedicated creatives who find inspiration from the city of [...]

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