Branding Davis Creek Meats

A New Brand for GFS’ Premium Meat Offering

Gordon Food Service partnered with RGI once again, this time to execute a new brand identity for Davis Creek Meats. DCM‘s assets included a strong heritage that could be traced back to the 1920s and a solid reputation for quality, integrity and consistency, which have always been important principles to DCM and its workers.

Davis Creek Meats collage board

Researching a Proud Reputation

Initially, RGI researched Davis Creek Meats’ reputation in the market by visiting meat processing facilities to see their process and speaking with their clients and employees. Based on their responses, RGI distilled the essence of DCM down to its brand essentials:

  • Davis Creek Meats represents quality, reinforced by an impressive history and longevity.
  • DCM offers recipe-ready bonded tenders, chops and a variety of marinated meats.
  • DCM provides its customers with impeccable service and unparalleled consistency.
Davis Creek Meats logo options
Davis Creek Meats logo and tagline

Credibility, Consistency and Helpfulness

RGI built a brand centered around 3 key words: credibility, consistency and helpfulness. These attributes needed to be conveyed to customers through visuals and a friendly, yet purposeful verbal strategy. In marketing terms, Davis Creek Meats‘ philosophy combines measured talk about quality and care with exceptional service and punctual delivery. A competitors audit followed, with the goal of defining DCM as a step above the rest. Our designers utilized visual elements such as a traditional crest logo, deli-style pattern, established serif font and effective, concise color palette to reinforce DCM’s appeal.

Davis Creek Meats ads
Davis Creek Meats cooler, apron, sell sheets

Market Results

The introduction of Davis Creek Meats was very successful and received a significant amount of positive feedback. Numbers in the first year followed suit, and the brand has continued earning positive results since 2012.

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