FrogHide Packaging

Carol Brand FrogHide Packaging Refresh

With the acquisition of Carol Brand, General Cable needed to redesign FrogHide UltraFlex packaging to fit within their brand standards. Carol Brand also needed to retain consumer familiarity on shelf. RGI was tasked with making this a priority while incorporating brand assets, such as the FrogHide texture, into the new look.

FrogHide image on ice

Best in the Industry

FrogHide is more than a funny name; it’s the most durable and flexible rubber outdoor cord on the market. It is resistant to oil, water, ozone and chemicals. It out-performs all other extension cords in low and room temperatures and does not soften when exposed to heat. The three-conductor grounded FrogHide extension cord uses molecularly bonded caps and connectors to prevent cord pull-out. Heavy-duty strain relief is built in for lasting strength, resulting in significantly longer cord life.

RGI assessed the usability of FrogHide legacy elements, such as their distinct green color, illustrated mascot and standard fonts. A cohesive system was then developed for both box and sleeve packaging, featuring a window cutout for easy access to the cable.

FrogHide packaging

Market Results

Since the refresh, FrogHide UltraFlex has remained competitive within the market. Its continued success and evolution mirrors a reliable 20-year relationship between RGI and General Cable.

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