Key West Pink Shrimp

Private Selection Premium Shrimp Packaging

Kroger wanted to transition their Key West Pink Shrimp offerings from the overall established Kroger brand into their premium line of products, Private Selection. In addition, the packaging graphics needed to reflect the heightened quality of the new brand and adhere to its brand standards.

Private Selection logo

Defining the Messaging Hierarchy

RGI researched the competition through multiple store audits and determined the new packaging needed to enhance the appetite appeal of a raw shrimp product. The new design also needed more of an emphasis on the fact that Key West Pink Shrimp is a wild caught product versus farm-raised shrimp as a way to differentiate itself for shoppers.

Private Selection shrimp cooked and served

Wild Caught Premium Quality

To communicate the wild caught aspect of the product, RGI introduced an image of a shrimp boat at the top of the package. A quality-type seal was then created to further enhance that message. Even though the product is sold raw, RGI determined that a product shot showing serving suggestions would have significantly more appetite appeal to the target consumer. A gold metallic was also used on the package to reinforce the premium quality message of the product.

Private Selection "Wild Caught" logo

Market Results

Key West Pink Shrimp made a seamless transition, thanks to the overall look successfully reinforcing brand consistency for Private Selection. The category has been so successful that two line extensions have been added since the original five-SKU product relaunch.

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