Advanced Nuclear Power

Communicating Nuclear Innovation

General Cable asked RGI to develop a high-energy look to complement the launch of their new ULTROL 60+ cables. These Class 1E nuclear-qualified cables exceed the most stringent industry standards and specifications. They are designed to provide a 60-year-plus operating life with enhanced reliability to meet nuclear power plant needs today and into the future.

General Cable Ultrol logo w/background

Safety, Energy and Time-Tested Reliability

RGI understood that General Cable wanted, first and foremost, to build on a 40-year track record of successfully providing optimized nuclear cables to meet the standards and requirements of modern nuclear facilities. However, ULTROL 60+ was unique in that it needed to stand apart from the traditional brand look and feel that General Cable maintains. The mark, color palette, fonts, images and graphic elements needed to represent less tradition and more innovation, since ULTROL 60+ is designed to lead the nuclear category now as well as into the future of nuclear energy.

General Cable Ultrol logo options

Separate Yet Similar

Through several rounds of reviews, RGI formed a dynamic logo that paired the Ultrol logotype with atomic elements to form a more recognizable mark. This logo significantly increased industry legibility but retained in its kit of parts traditional arc elements. This allowed the ULTROL 60+ logo to stand with, and yet separate from, other General Cable brands and sub-brands visually.

General Cable Ultrol hard hat workers
General Cable Ultrol brand standards

A Vibrant Visual Identity

For color, RGI chose a deep blue to represent strength, reliability and credibility. Pairing a neutral gray with the logo lends endurance and reliability. A pop of citron green brings a vitality as well. This particular hue of yellow-green is often selected as a uniquely futuristic color. Venacti has similar futuristic qualities as a font and isn’t limited in terms of legibility. ULTROL 60+ imagery consists of nuclear plant interiors, shot from interesting angles with bright, contrasting lighting. This is accented by a subtle texture, screened back, that mimics nanotechnology or atoms.

General Cable Ultrol nuclear plant
General Cable Ultrol sales sheet
General Cable Ultrol history/cutaway
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