WILD IFT Trade Show Booth

Promotional Graphics for Wild Flavors

IFT is WILD’s largest trade show of the year. The booth is 120’ x 120‘ and is a unique structure (a silver globe). In addition to developing wayfinding graphics to introduce WILD’s new products, the booth graphics needed to feature the show’s universal theme for all vendors: healthy ingredients.

WILD IFT trade show booth

Trust the Experts

Historically, WILD has been known as a quality supplier of food ingredients. This booth needed to change directions and emphasize WILD for what they really are: experts in food technology and innovation. WILD also needed a clear, direct message with great product giveaways and samples to compete with their self-professed market expert competitors.

WILD IFT trade show tablet

Making a Big Statement

Since WILD’s booth is so large, RGI needed to develop a way to draw show attendees to the center of the booth, where the sales force would answer questions, promote specific new products and conduct tastings. RGI also knew that they needed to create a memorable giveaway, above and beyond samples, that would tell the WILD story/capabilities with impact.

WILD IFT trade show booth layout

Wayfinding Through Systemized Graphics

RGI created a wayfinding system of graphics that divided WILD’s booth into two sections, health/wellness and exotic trends. Large graphics were used at the booth’s four corners to draw initial attention to the booth. Once attendees were engaged, a second level of wayfinding signage directed them toward the center, where the sales force would also hand out WILDfire magazine. 4’ banner signs on the counter promoted specific products. Video loops on hi-def monitors added an additional layer of dimensional communication.

WILD IFT trade show booth

Market Results

The success of the booth with their larger customers reinforced the brand positioning of WILD as an expert in food technology and innovation. Also, due to a great response to the WILDfire magazine, the client has decided to publish it quarterly.

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