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Managing Content Marketing Effectively

The world of marketing has undergone a dramatic shift in buyer behavior over the last decade. The rapid acceptance of the smartphone, and now wearable devices, has changed core buyer behavior, leaving many people wondering where their customers have gone or why marketing efforts have diminishing returns. Fortunately, the shift that buyers have made is to digital, providing us with near-real-time actionable data. For example, we know that 95% of all B2B buying research is done before contacting a vendor (as opposed to other means of letting vendors provide research). And 85% of that research is done on a mobile device.

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Becoming a Thought Leader

That’s why it is important, in fact imperative, to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This allows you to insert your company and products early in that decision-making cycle, creating sales leads. This is the core of content marketing. Our process empowers CMOs to leverage content efficiently and measure success reliably. Learn more by downloading our complete process below.

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