Dole Delivers on Freshness

Dole and RGI get it done

We link the Dole Fresh brand and their initiatives to retailers by creating shopper marketing plans and marketing materials that are customized to retailers and specific shoppers. Our combined knowledge of shopper marketing and the retail landscape enables us to seamlessly execute programs that visually engage shoppers and help drive them to make decisions at shelf.

Dole logo over field of produce

Better Planning Supports Cohesive Thought

By collaborating with the Dole Fresh brand, shopper marketing and sales teams, as well as their other agencies, RGI helps bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure consistent messaging is communicated across all platforms.

RGI has been the backbone to our business. In a world of limited financial and human resources, they are super creative and flexible in finding fast, efficient and smart solutions for our shopper and retailer needs. The entire Dole Shopper Marketing Team considers them an integral part of our everyday business needs and solutions. We couldn’t do it without them!

– Kellee Miller, Director, Shopper Marketing Team, Dole Food Company

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