Effective Program Management

How many times have you as a client become frustrated by vendors not fully understanding your initial needs? One of the ways to ease this pain is to find a qualified program management agency. Program management involves creating a partnership with a client. The goal is not a project with an end but a deep understanding of the client’s needs, goals and style.

At RGI, we believe program management means providing a broad range of services. It includes, but is not limited to, these key strategies below:

  1. Serving as lead point of contact to address client questions, needs and “today’s emergency”.
  2. Managing the turn-key process from strategy through design and production to the final deliverable, whether printed or digital.
  3. Managing budgets and timelines to ensure the successful delivery of project deliverables.
  4. Serving as the main conduit between internal teams, client teams and outside vendors.
  5. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of current marketing trends.

Our unique expertise separates us from most of our competition in this regard. RGI is about more than just execution. We are an experienced and innovative safety net for our clients.

Program management

Program Management Fosters Long Term Relationships

RGI has maintained decades-long relationships with clients like Kroger, Dole and General Cable for many years because we make efficient program management a top priority. Our client managers are always available, and they understand the process and logistics of each of our clients’ specific industries. This allows us not only to produce quality designs but also to execute, ship, deliver or reroute whatever is necessary in order to fully support our clients’ marketing strategies.

A Texas Example

At RGI, we take pride in being committed to our clients.

Take the Texas region of Kroger as an example. We provide weekly in-store signage kits for two divisions of Kroger. These kits provide signage that is individually designed to meet each market’s needs and expectations. Through our years of partnership, we have been able to identify certain styles and needs that are specific to each division. We are able to be proactive in our designs to hit the nail on the head the first time. Our knowledge of their store layouts allows us to become effective partners, giving us the ability to offer suggestions for more impactful use of their space.

One of the keys to program management is leveraging the lessons learned over time. At RGI, we have created a versioning system to make sure all in-store signage is sent to the correct stores and installed correctly by the end user. This eliminates any guesswork! Throughout our years of collaboration, we have taken what used to be a confusing, hard-to-manage account and turned it into a well-oiled machine. Creating efficiency reduces cost. What customer doesn’t want that?

Account Manager December McIntyre shares her insight on her partnership with Kroger: “Managing ongoing programs for our clients allows us to become a dedicated extension of their team. Our ongoing and in-depth partnership provides us with the experience needed to fully understand our client’s business so that we can anticipate their needs.”

RGI has over 25 years of experience planning, designing and implementing marketing programs for our clients. Our experience allows us to build successful campaigns that deliver measurable results. Experience the RGI difference! Call 513-221-2121 or email opportunity@rgidesign.com.

Amy Hiltibrand    By Amy Hiltibrand, Account Manager, RGI

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