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In an ever-changing retail market space, where digital trends are inching in more and more every day, one element will always remain: packaging. According to FMI (Food Marketing Institute), the average supermarket in the USA holds around 40,000 different items. Packaging is the last opportunity companies have to influence a buyer’s decision. Without a doubt, packaging drives sales at an individual level at retail locations.

Walk through any store and look at packages on the shelves. Does it stand out? Does it make you understand the product inside? Here are a few tips from RGI for creating packaging that will end up in the cart. This time-tested formula “wows” shoppers, grabs their attention and stands out on store shelves.

Stopping Power

Packaging, especially in today’s crowded grocery and club stores, must literally stop the shopper in her tracks. On the shelf, the package must attract the shopper’s attention and pique her curiosity. At this stage, it is important to make an emotional connection with the shopper.

Holding Power

Focus is the key at this stage; you have her attention. You are trying to get the package to speak to your shopper. Establishing a simple priority of communication (POC) with the design elements on your package is essential. It can be tempting to think that adding another claim or symbol will help, but our experience has shown simplicity wins every time.

Closing Power

At this stage, the shopper is scanning your package, looking for features, benefits, and ingredients that will help close the sale and make the purchase. You have four seconds, which is the maximum time the average consumer will dedicate to your product. Keep the information orderly and easy to read.

To be effective, your package must stop the shopper, hold her attention, and finally close the deal to make the purchase.

This will get you started on your path to a clear, concise message that will allow buyers to shop with confidence. A happy buyer is a repeat buyer, and isn’t that the goal in the first place?

RGI recently designed new packaging for the King & Prince Seafood brand using these principles. We featured the product clearly on the package and in an appetizing way that captured what the actual product will look like fresh from the oven. We utilized bold typography to highlight the words “Stuffed Shrimp” so consumers could get an overview of the product at a distance. We then incorporated additional informative details for viewing at closer proximity, with an emphasis on absolute organization and effective use of negative space.

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    By Amy Hiltibrand, Account Manager, RGI

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