RGI at PMA Fresh Summit

RGI Educates Growers and Suppliers at the PMA Summit

On October 26, 2012, RGI was featured at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit Convention in Anaheim, VA. RGI presented, “How Mobile Levels the Playing Field”, to members of the produce industry ranging from growers to suppliers to manufacturers. RGI discussed how mobile is revolutionizing the shopper path to purchase and it is impacting purchasing behavior across the board, which allows companies of all shapes and sizes a level platform to compete.

RGI developed a tool to help the attendees determine where they should be when it comes to mobile marketing. We have set up a list of questions that you can answer and it will give you an idea where you should be in terms of incorporating mobile into your current marketing plans. Click here to get started.

For an overview of the presentation by Produce News click here.
For more information on PMA’s Fresh Summit click here.


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