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It’s All In the Approach

With today’s savvy shopper, it’s critical for CPGs and retailers to understand shopper behavior. By drawing on RGI’s broad retail knowledge, we successfully engage the shopper at multiple touchpoints and drive profitable growth for both CPGs and retailers.

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Align with the Retailer

CPGs are looking to drive sales and increase brand loyalty, but in order to do so, they must customize their plans to align with the retailer’s goals. The key to effective shopper marketing is the collaboration between the retailer and CPG. As retailers become more selective in choosing partners, CPGs need to work effectively with them and bring the retailer customized and innovative shopper marketing programs. In order to do this, you need to know the retailer!

That’s why we use our 25 years of retail expertise and insights to help you understand what can be accomplished at the retailer and how best to implement it. We take into account the sales and marketing goals of both the CPG and the retailer, and we develop unified marketing strategies that serve the brand’s objectives, the retailer’s volume and profit goals, and the shopper’s needs.

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Put all the Pieces Together

An effective integrated marketing plan requires understanding who buys your product or service. When you understand your shopper, you can design your marketing tactics to focus on that shopper. Targeting shoppers with the highest potential for response helps minimize waste and maximize results. At RGI, we make sure our clients spend their dollars in the most efficient and effective way by targeting the right shopper at the right time. We utilize a mix of vehicles that successfully reach shoppers, including:

  • Coupon Programs
  • Direct Mail
  • Digital Advertising
  • Catalina
  • Newspaper (ROP)
  • Billboards
  • Radio Advertising
  • Television Commercials
  • Inserts (Valassis/NewsAmerica)
  • FSI
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The Shopper is Our Core Focus

Understanding what shoppers respond to, their preferences and buying behavior is key to engaging with them at multiple touchpoints along the path to purchase. The marketing industry has come to realize that there is a distinct difference between a consumer and a shopper. A consumer who uses the product may or may not be the one who shops for or purchases the product. It is our job to understand what shoppers are looking for when making purchasing decisions.

We customize shopper marketing programs based on shoppers, their preferences and their buying behavior. Then, we develop solutions with shoppers in mind, ensuring your brand is reaching them when and where it should to complete the purchase cycle.

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We utilize our vast knowledge of marketing and retail to create and execute successful shopper marketing programs that support both brand and retailer initiatives, while engaging consumers along the path to purchase.

– Emily Taylor, Director of Corporate Accounts, RGI

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